Celebrated as a poignant lyricist, accomplished musician and transcendent vocalist, American/Pop artist Susan Toney showcases a fusion of country, pop, rock, and rhythm and blues in her forthcoming CD project entitled LOVE IS THE CURE. Encompassing the influences of her heritage, Susan delivers a transparent, introspective collection of songs steeped in spirituality.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Susan ventured south toward Nashville, Tennessee to fulfill her creative vision to step far and beyond her own boundaries to explore the multitude of possibilities in a musical community where the imagination runs wild and musicianship bountiful.

With her best accessory in hand—her guitar, Susan captivates audiences with her compelling vocals, profound lyricism and melodious dynamism in every performance. Her music is palpable as it demonstrates the harmony of vast musical influences and the philosophy of love as the heartbeat to a life lived-well.Read more

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