Celebrated as a poignant lyricist, accomplished musician and transcendent vocalist, American artist Susan Toney showcases a fusion of country, pop, rock, and rhythm and blues in her latest CD project entitled LOVE IS THE CURE. Encompassing the influences of her heritage, Toney delivers a transparent, introspective collection of songs steeped in spirituality—revealing subtle revelations of faith, a renewed wisdom and confidence in her message and her craft—all mused by a new chance on life—a miracle.

Susan miraculously survived a rollover car crash in November 2003 and her survival was grave. But with a faithful heart, unbridled spirit, and a strength that rushed through her veins, she recognized the tragic accident as an ultimate part of God's plan and a saving Grace. Susan found renewed faith, hope and determination to further pursue the very reason she is here—to use her voice to help others. A scholar of the performing and creative arts, Susan Toney is a singer/songwriter, recording and performing artist, actor and book author who still has so much more to live for…so much more to say.

"After a lot of different turns and hurdles, it took me a while to get here; I believe there was a purpose and plan. I had to look at this next chapter of my life as an exciting new adventure."

With renewed purpose and zeal powered by a deep love and trust in a greater power, Toney returned to the recording studio where she sought new inspiration by revisiting and addressing the past—her life's journey of past loves and losses, triumphs and defeats—and welcoming the future with hope.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Toney ventured south toward Nashville, Tennessee to fulfill her creative vision to step far and beyond her own boundaries to explore the multitude of possibilities in a musical community where the imagination runs wild and musicianship bountiful. Music City afforded Susan Toney room to grow and a door wide open to blossoming, organic, creative expression.

Susan worked alongside Grammy Award-winning and multi-platinum producer David Z (Prince, John Mayall, Jonny Lang, Etta James, Eric Clapton, Tab Benoit) recording at the esteemed Ocean Way Recording Studios on Music Row with the mastering brilliance of the renowned Grammy Awardwinning Ray Kennedy (Taylor Swift/Shania Twain) and Erick Labson (Sublime/Aerosmith/ Boyz II Men/The Who) lending their insight. Surrounded by an A-list lineup of players (including artist, writer, and piano virtuoso Jane Getz on keys; Mike Rojas on piano, B3 organ and keyboards; Pat Buchanan, Jack Holder and Bob Britt on acoustic and electric guitar; Steve Mackey on bass; Lynn Williams on drums and percussion; Bekka Bramlett and Grammy-nominated Gospel artists The McCrary Sisters on background vocals), the result is an album rich in Toney's profound songwriting of selfreflection and rediscovery complemented by a sonic intimacy and edginess as a rare product of the "meeting of musical minds and talents."

"My music is like a tree with branches of universal truths. Like a tree, some of the tracks are oak strong; some are like a weeping willow."

Under the umbrella of her own label (Strange Child Records), Toney explores the freedom of drawing from multiple musical styles and lyrical expression without limits. Displaying Toney's singer/songwriter and country/folk roots, the first track, and debut radio single, launches the collection painting her endured triumphs and tribulations with "chiaroscuro" imagery in a contrast between light and dark with the balance of a tranquil, mid-tempo arrangement. The LOVE IS THE CURE title-track enters a bolt of rock-infused electric guitar showcasing the influences of the mid-nineties L.A. pop rock epoch while the blues-steeped piano and swanky guitar in the story-driven "Angelina" offer a haunting moment. As a reflection of her soul and spirituality, the introspective CD highlights a Sunday morning worship tune laced with hints of hymnal blues in "When The Storm Comes." With consistent delivery and unwavering honesty, Toney's authenticity shines in her ability to thread a range of emotions with eclectic styles into a cohesive and captivating body of work.

"I hope to tap into listeners' feelings and help them to get in touch with and process them—whether the emotions are raw and painful, intimate or in conflict."

With her best accessory in hand—her guitar, Toney captivates audiences with her compelling vocals, profound lyricism and melodious dynamism in every performance. Her music is palpable as it demonstrates the harmony of vast musical influences and the philosophy of love as the heartbeat to a life lived-well.

With each and every live performance, she "moves" the hearts of fellow persons to go to a better space in peace and harmony. The LOVE IS THE CURE album is an emotional release expressive of heartache and internal reflection to encourage positive and forward movement.

Susan Toney's life has been centered on the arts and, most strongly, the pull of melodies and their respective stories. With the encouragement of her parents, Toney was introduced to the guitar and piano as a child and as her family frequently relocated across the country, taking her away from her hometown of Norman, Oklahoma, her music became instrumental as a personal diary and lifelong friend. Susan found solace in the one constant—her music. Susan attributes her propensity to convey emotion and compose words into song to her upbringing. As Toney matured, her passion for "all things art" manifested into a passionate devotion. Toney went on to earn a Masters of Broadcast Film Arts while "fine-tuning" her penchant for music.

"I'm a songwriter, first and foremost. Writing is a necessity for me. When I am struck with an idea, a thought, a feeling and the need to express the deep moan, urgency and battle in my soul, it has to be expressed—much like the birth of a child, it has to be delivered!"

A believer in a God's destiny and purpose, Toney writes amidst her own reality to capture scenarios from her own life and the universal themes in all of our lives. LOVE IS THE CURE is a true grit chapter of her life and encompasses the staggering complexity of all of life relationships and each song is a tapestry of the personal and spiritual connections encountered day by day.

A decorated award winner (American Songwriting Festival/Billboard Songwriting Contest), Susan's talents as a songstress have been recognized by her peers and the industry. Toney penned two songs that appear on the John Townsend album entitled THE ROAD LEADS HOME, including the title cut, and her music has been featured in various independent and feature films including "Just Don't Mention Love," the main track in Little City (Miramax Productions).

With music standing the test of time as Toney's unwavering companion, Toney applies her passion for the arts SUSAN TONEY LYRICS SYNONYMOUS WITH: Honesty • Love Forgiveness • Optimism Freedom • Grief • Loss Joy • Transformation Victory to provide hope and encouragement for others through the charitable organization Love Hope Health— designed to educate, empower and instill hope through music and the Arts. With the mission to heal grieving hearts, restore hope and encourage others to exercise the freedom to be happy and healthy and facilitate in personal fulfillment, its initial efforts are focused on the anti-bully campaign "Bully Ban." The initiative aims to expand its concentration to include poverty and hunger relief, disaster assistance, health education and offer 24- hour counseling and resources.

"The arts have the power to heal and make an impact in today's society for the better. We founded Love Hope Health to reach people and empower all in need for whatever life may throw at them."

Toney is a well-rounded individual who has much to offer the masses with her creativity and artistry. She has a unique and distinct voice that will not only cause her to be remembered sonically, but for her ability to touch her audiences with contemplative and emotionally provoking storylines. She pours her heart, soul and compassion into each and every breath to deliver pointed lyrics with spiritual conviction and feeling.

"I've been broke, but I've learned there is beauty in that. Through the power of a song, the beauty can be shared and embraced by others. Like a painting, my music is simply an interpretation and each one different depending upon the person standing before it."